Dolphins Defense and Special Teams beat Rams 28-17

The Los Angeles Rams #99 Aaron Donald (DE) running down Miami's Dolphins #1 Tau Tagovailoa (QB). Photo by Los Angeles Rams.

11/2/20 MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. - The Miami Dolphins defense and special teams came to play as they defeated the Los Angeles Rams 28-17 in Tau Tagovailo's first NFL starting debut at quarterback.

Tagovailo completed 12 of his 22 passes for 93-yards and one touchdown, and the Rams Jared Goff threw the football 61 times, completing 35 of his passes for 355-yards two touchdowns, two interceptions, and two fumbles.

On the Dolphins' opening drive pinned deep on their side of the field in the first quarter, the Rams defense welcome Tagovailo after being hit by defensive lineman Michael Brocker and driven into the ground and fumble the football, the Rams outside linebacker Leonard Floyd recovered the ball.

Moments later, the Rams' Robert Woods scored on a 4-yard touchdown to give them a 7-0 lead. The Dolphins tied the game 7-7 after Goff threw an interception, and moments later, Tagovailoa threw an 11-yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Devante Parker, his first one in the NFL.

During the second quarter, things got worse for the Rams as the Dolphins' defensive end Emmanuel Ogbuh sacked Goff, forcing him to fumble, and outside linebacker Andrew Van Grinkle scooped the ball and returned it for a 78-yard touchdown to give them a 14-7 lead.

Los Angeles Rams Jared Goff (QB) calling out a play at the line of scrimmage. Photo by Los Angeles Rams.

Miami's defense forced the Rams to punt, and the Dolphins' Jakeem Grant, with blazing speed, went the distance and scored on an 88-yard punt return for a touchdown, increasing their lead to 21-7. Goff was picked off for the second time, but the Rams defense didn't allow the Dolphins to score again.

The Rams' offensive line was having problems protecting Goff, as the Dolphins' defensive end Shaq Lawson sacked Goff stripping the ball, and linebacker Kyle Van Noy picked up the fumble and returned it to the Rams 1-yard line.

Moments later, Tagovailoa hand off the ball to his tailback Myles Gaskin who scored on a 1-yard touchdown run to give the Dolphins a 28-7. The Dolphins led at halftime 28-10 after the Rams' Kai Forbath kicked a 23-yard field goal.

The Rams would score one more time in the fourth quarter when Goff connected with Woods on an 11-yard touchdown catch that made the final score 28-17.

The Los Angeles Rams' defense kept Miami's #37 Myles Gaskin from picking up a first down. Photo by the Los Angeles Rams/

The Rams defense kept them in the game, not allowing the Dolphins to score in the second half despite the bad field position created by the turnovers in the first half, which was just too much to overcome.

"Truly what we kept doing in the first half, just getting off the field, being great on first and second down, putting them in passing situations, and getting off the field," the Rams'defensive lineman Michael Brocker said. "I think that was the biggest thing we did today is get off the field and try to get the ball back for our offense."

After the game, Goff talked about his performance and the pressure that Miami's defense was applying during the game, and the things he has to do better.

"First of all, not even close to good enough on my part and throughout the whole game. Just need to be better, got to be better, I will be. Got to learn from some things and be a lot better. And I will be. But, yeah, they did a good job of applying some pressure. That's kind of how they're built and we did not respond quickly enough or well enough and that starts with me and I got to be better."

The Dolphins defense pressure Goff most of the game, which did not allow him time to get in a throwing rhythm even though Cooper Kuff caught 11 passes for 110-yards, and Woods 7 catches for 85-yards one touchdown and rush for one touchdown. #nfl #larams #dolphins #aarondonald #jaredgoff #mylesgaskin #tautagovailoa #tgsportstv1 #miamidolphins #losangelesrams