Clippers lose without Leonard to the Mavs 124-73

The Los Angeles Clippers were without Kawhi Leonard out with eight stitches in his mouth. Photo by Jerry Kelly/1/20/19

12/27/20 LOS ANGELES, CA - The Los Angeles Clippers (2-0) facing the Dallas Mavericks (0-2) for their home opener at the Staple Center. The Clippers were without Kawhi Leonard after getting hit in the face by his teammate Serge Ibaka against the Denver Nuggets, had to get eight stitches, lost 124-73.

Paul George (G) in the two-games lead the Clippers in scoring with 28.0 ppg, followed by Leonard (F) averaging 23.2 ppg, and Serge Ibaka (C) 15.0 ppg. The Dallas Mavs leading scorer is Luka Doncic (G), averaging 29.5 ppg, and Josh Richardson (G) 14.5 ppg.

Leonard, who could easily get into the paint and to the rim made a lot of teams double-team him on offense that created easy shots for his teammates.

The Mavs jumped out on the Clippers 9-2 in the first quarter, after a basket by Doncic. Without Leonard in the lineup, the offense struggle early as George scored the only points for the Clippers trail the Mavs 16-5.

Dallas defense made it hard for the Clippers to get to the basket and didn't allow them any second-chance points, led the Clippers 24-5 after a basket pointer by Josh Richardson.

The Mav closed out the first quarter leading the Clippers 36-13 with Richardson and Doncic both with 13-points. George had 9 of the 13 points and Zubac 4 points. This slow start for the Clipper had to bother their head coach Tyronn Lue.

"A couple of turnovers early got the Mavericks out in transition and they got some easy baskets and I thought overall we just didn't have a lot of pop. The ball wasn't moving as well as it was the last couple of games. We missed shots early and they got out in transition and gained momentum really quick."

The Clippers allowed the Mavs to go on an 8-0 run in the second quarter, now trail 43-13. The Clippers' poor shooting continued, only making 5 of 24 shots. The Mavs led by forty-points 56-16 after a layup by Jalen Brunson.

Los Angeles Clippers was held scoreless against the Dallas Mavericks. Photo by Jerry Kelly/1/20/19

The Mavs led at halftime by fifty-points 77-27, which became an NBA record leading a team at half time, after their hot shooting in the first half 29-50 for 58.0 percent. The Clippers struggle on offense, making only 9 of 37 shots, 1 of 19 from three-point range for 24.3 percent.

George made 4 of 12 shots led the Clippers in scoring with 13 points, Zubac 6 points, and Ibaka 5 points. Doncic led the Mavs in scoring with 18 points, and Richardson 15 points.

The Mavs didn't let off the gas paddle, continue their dominance over the Clippers leading 96-50 with 3:11 left in the third quarter. Dallas broke the century mark after a three-pointer by Tim Hardaway Jr, now led 102-56.

The Clippers were down by fifty-seven points 104-57 at the end of the third quarter, and you would have to credit the Mavs on defense challenging every shot by the Clippers.

Dallas would score twenty-points in the fourth quarter and beat Los Angeles 124-73 to get their first win of the season. Doncic had 24-points nine rebounds, Richardson 21-points, T.Hardaway Jr. 18-points, and Jalen Brunson 11-points. The Mavs only committed six-turnovers for the whole game.

George led the Clippers with 15-points, Ibaka 13-points nine rebounds, and Zubac 10-points. The Clippers made 26 of 76 shots from the floor, 34.1 percent, and 4 of 33 from three-point range for 12.1 percent. George during his post-game interview spoke to the media about doing better.

"I take full responsibility. It was a tough game, coming from Christmas. I enjoyed my Christmas Day yesterday, today just popped up on me a little too fast. I'll take full ownership of that, of coming out and being prepared to play today. It'll be a different situation [for] next game, we will be ready. I'll make sure our group will be ready

The Clippers will have a day to forget about their poor shooting and get ready for their next game on Tuesday at home against the Minnesota Timberwolves. #nba #laclippers #clippers #mavs #kawhileonard #louwilliams #tgsportstv1 #dallasmavericks