Colorado beats Oregon 80-69 to advance to the Pac-12 Semifinals

Colorado Buffaloes #2 KJ Simpson going around a screen from his teammate #21 Evan Battey at the T-Mobile Arena. Photo by Jerry Kelly/T.G.Sportstv1.

3/10/22 LAS VEGAS, NV - The Colorado Buffaloes knocked off the Oregon Ducks 80-69 to advance to the semifinals to play the Arizona Wildcats on Friday at 6 PM.

Evan Battey led Colorado in scoring with 19-points, Jabari Walker 18-points, K.J Simpson 13-points, and Tristan Da Silva with 12-points. Quincy Guerrier was the leading scorer for Oregon with 25-points and Jacob Young with 18-points.

Colorado led 3-2, with a three-point shot by Evan Battey. The Buffaloes led 9-8 with a jump shot by Keeshawn Barthelemy. Guerrier's three-pointer gave the Ducks a 13-9 lead.

Battey would make a layup that had the Buffaloes trailing15-11. Guerrier was foul on his layup and made his free throw to give Oregon an 18-11 lead.

Jabari Walker's dunk had Colorado down 18-15. Oregon led 24-18 after a jump shot by Jacob Young with 7:44 left in the first half. Barthelemy made basket, and free throw had Colorado trailing 25-21.

Colorado trail by one point,25-24, with a three-pointer by Walker. The Buffaloes led 26-25 with a basket inside the paint by Da Silva. Battey's layup gave the Buffaloes a 30-25 lead.

Battey increased Colorado's lead to 33-27 with his three-point shot. Oregon trail 33-30 with a basket and free throw by Guerrier. Colorado led at halftime 36-30 with a three-pointer by Luke O'Brien.

Battey led Colorado in scoring in the first half with 12-points and Walker with 7-points. Guerrier led Oregon in scoring with 14-points.

Colorado was up 39-32 in the second half with a jump shot by Da Silva. Oregon trail by one point 40-39 with a three-pointer by Guerrier. Battey made a three-pointer to increase Colorado's lead to 44-39

Oregon was down by three points, 44-41, with a layup by De'Von Harmon. Battey made two free throws to give Colorado a 48-43 lead. Guerrier had the Ducks trailing 48-45 with his jump shot.

Colorado led 50-45 with two more free throws by Battey. Oregon trailed Colorado by two points 50-48 with a three-pointer by Rivaldo Soares with 12:09 left in the game.

Simpson's jump shot made the score 58-54. The Ducks were down 60-56 with a layup by Young with 7:44 left in the game. Walker gave Colorado a 63-56 lead with his basket and made a free throw after being fouled on his shot.

The Buffaloes led 67-59 with a layup by Nique Clifford with 5:33 left in the game. Simpson's layup made the score 69-60. Walker made a deep three-point shot that gave Colorado a nine-point lead 72-63.

Simpson would make two free throws that made the score 74-63. Da Silva broke free for a monster dunk to give Colorado a 76-63.

Guerrier's three-pointer made the score 77-69. Walker would make one free throw that had Colorado leading 78-69.

Barthelemy's layup would make the final score 80-69 to advance the Buffaloes to the next round. #coloradobuffaloes #pac12mbb #oregonducksmbb #oregon #tgsportstv1 #kjsimpson

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