Andrew Whitworth has retired from the Los Angeles Rams as a Super Bowl Champion

Los Angeles Rams Andrew Whitworth (OL) all smiles at his retirement media press conference in Thousand Oaks California. Photo by Jerry Kelly/T.G.Sportstv1.

3/16/22 THOUSAND OAKS, CA - The Los Angeles Rams left tackle Andrew Whitworth started his career with the Cincinnati Bengals in 2006 has retired from the Los Angeles Rams as a Super Bowl Champion.

Whitworth played for the LSU Tigers and was drafted in 2006 by the Bengals, who he played for eleven years, and later joined the Rams in 2017.

Whitworth was the Walter Payton Man of the Years in 2021, played in four Pro Bowls, (2012 2015, 2016-2017), First Team All-Pro (2015, 2017), Second Team All-Pro (2014), and the NFLPA Alan Page Community Award in 2019.

Los Angeles Rams #77 Andrew Whitworth (OT) and Tennessee Titans #48 Bud Dupree (OLB) at So-Fi Stadium. Photo by William Johnson/T.G.Sportstv1.

His contributions to football, the communities that be-loved him, teammates he always encouraged no matter what, his work ethic, and passion for the game can never be measured.

Los Angeles Rams Andrew Whitworth holding up the Lombardi Trophy at the Los Angeles Rams Rally and Parade. Photo by Nick Koza/T.G.Sportstv1.

Stanley Kroenke the Rams Owner/CEO had great praise for one of the best tackles that ever played the game.

"Andrew Whitworth epitomizes the best of people. His hard work to perform at the highest levels on the field is only surpassed by his commitment to making his communities better. Andrew is at the heart of our success in Los Angeles these past five years, both for how he wraps his arms around this region and how he lifts up our entire organization.

Andrew's love for the game of football, his teammates, and his community is only surpassed by Andrew's family and the pride he takes in their growth and accomplishments. On behalf of the entire Los Angeles Rams organization, we are grateful for Andrew's leadership and immeasurable contributions."

His sixteen years of hard work paid off for him and his family. Whitworth can start a new chapter in his life. What will the Super Bowl Champion do after football, you just have to stick around and see for yourself. #larams #andrewwhitworthretires #superchampionandrewwhitwoth #tgsportstv1 #nfl #losangelesrams