Oregon beats Oregon State 86-72 to advance to quarterfinals

Oregon Ducks #13 Quincy Guerrier right-hand dunk over an Oregon State Beavers defender at the T-Mobile Arena. Photo by Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

3/9/22 LAS VEGAS, NV - The Oregon Ducks advance to the quarterfinals round to take on the Colorado buffaloes in the Pac-12 Men's Basketball Tournament after beating the Oregon State Beavers 86-72 at the T-Mobile Arena.

Jacob Young had 23-points to lead Oregon in scoring, followed by Quincy Guerrier 20-points, N'Faly 15-points, and Eric Williams Jr. 14-points. Jarod Lucas led Oregon State in scoring with 22-points and Glen Taylor Jr. with 16-points.

Young's layup had Oregon leading in 4-0. The Ducks increased their lead to 9-0 after a layup by N'faly Dante. Glen Taylor Jr. from Oregon State made the score 12-3 with his three-point shot.

The Beavers trail 15-8 after a jump shot by Maurice Calloo. Oregon State trailed by four points 15-11 after Jarod Lucas made a three-point shot. Oregon called timeout after Calloo's three-pointer made the score 15-13.

Oregon led 24-16 with a dunk by Dante. The Beavers trail 26-22 after a jump shot by Ahmad Rand. The Ducks led by ten points 32-22, with a dunk by Quincy Guerrier.

Oregon pushed their lead up to 38-26 with a basket by Williams Jr. Colloo made three free throws that made the score 38-29. Lucas made two free throws that made the score 45-32.

Oregon called a thirty-second timeout after a reverse-layup by Oregon States' Taylor Jr. The Ducks led at halftime 43-36 with a layup by Taylor Jr.

Oregon scored first in the second half and led 45-38 with a layup by Williams Jr. Roman Silva's hook shot had the Beavers trailing 45-42. Dante's basket made the score 51-44.

The Beavers trail 58-50 with a three-pointer by Lucas with 13:57 left in the game. Oregon was leading by four points, 61-58, with a layup and a free throw by Taylor Jr.

Lucas would make two free throws that had the Beavers down 63-60. Guerrier's three-pointer gave the Ducks a 68-60 with 9:37 left in the game.

Williams Jr.'s three-pointer had the Ducks leading by eleven points, 75-64, with 5:33 left in the game. Dante would make a free throw that made the score 78-66.

The Beavers were down 78-68 with a layup by Davis. Oregon led 84-70 with a layup by Jacob Young. The Ducks would advance after beating the Beavers 86-72. #pac12 #oregonducks #oregonstatebeavers #pac12mbb #tgsportstv1 #quincyguerrier #oregonducksmbb #oregonstatebeaversmbb