Dodgers Stan Kasten Hopes To Expand Vaccinated Section

Fans attending a game at Dodgers Stadium. Photo by Jared Dubose/TGSportstv1.

4/25/21 LOS ANGELES, CA - Two sections on the Lodge Level at Dodger Stadium were opened to vaccinated fans for Saturday's game against the San Diego Padres. Dodgers team president Stan Kasten hopes that "the experiment" will be successful, therefore they can open more sections.

The current sections seat approximately 500 fans, who must show proof of vaccination and clear the two-week waiting period required. Masks are still required but no social distancing is needed for those sections.

"We are anticipating it going smoothly. If that is the case, we expect to expand the program, maybe by the next homestand, and have many more sections," Kasten said pre-game.

The Dodgers' next homestand is May 11 and the hope is if all continues to go well that more sections will be opened up.

"We talk with all of those people literally every day," Kasten said referring to being in communication with the Governor of California's office, and the Los Angeles County Board of Health. "The easy thing would be cutting down the six-foot distancing, but the health professionals don't feel we're ready for that yet. We are maxing out in a very safe manner pursuing that kind of guidance."

In order for fans to attend the sections, they must sign a form saying they meet the vaccination requirements and then show proof of that vaccination along with a photo ID when they arrive at Dodger Stadium.

Kasten said the team is also learning from other teams such as the San Francisco Giants and Padres in San Diego. He is hopeful that opportunities to put more fans in seats are a reality, especially if all goes well with Governor Newsom's plan of opening up the state by mid-June. #mlb #ladodgers #baseball #dodgersfans #tgsportstv1