The Rams are back to work after winning the Super Bowl

Los Angeles Rams Matthew Stafford (QB) and Cooper Kupp (WR) running drills during the offensive and defensive session. Photo by Daynesha Lewis/TGSportstv1.

5/26/22 THOUSAND OAKS, CA - The Super Bowl Champions Los Angeles Rams were back at work during their second day of Organized Team Activities (OTAs), getting ready for the upcoming NFL season.

The atmosphere at practice was great, the energy was high, and you could feel the hype from the players and coaching staff about making a run for another Super Bowl title.

Matthew Staford and Cooper Kupp set the tone for the other quarterbacks and receivers during practice doing their offensive drills.

The practice allowed the rookies to see what NFL life is about, preparing them for the next level of football as a Los Angeles Ram.

Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay making his rounds during practice on the second day of Organized Team Activities (OTAs). Photo by Daynesha Lewis/TGSportstv1.

The Rams head coach Sean McVay and his coaching staff know how hard it is to get back to the Super Bowl after winning the season before having a great upbeat tempo during offensive and defensive drills.

With the players being healthy coming back from being injured during the regular season and the postseason and players added to the roster in the off-season, the Rams have a good chance of getting there.

During drills, you could see it in the players' eyes, focus, alert while putting in the work, encouraging one another, and having fun at practice couldn't wait to get back to work. #nfl #larams #seanmcvay #matthewstafford #cooperkupp #tgsportstv1 #superbowlchampions #losangelesrams