Washington Nationals Juan Soto is Crown Home Run Derby Champion

Washington Nationals #22 Juan Soto representing the National League won the 2022 T-Mobile Home Run Derby at Dodgers Stadium. Photo by Jerry Kelly/TGSportstv1.

7/18/22 LOS ANGELES, CA - The T-Mobile Home Run Derby had all the excitement you could ask for after Juan Santo, the outfielder from the Washington National, took home the championship trophy after outhitting the Seattle Mariners Julio Rodriquez.

"It's really exciting. I'm really excited and proud of what I just accomplished," Soto said. "My family has always been with me and they keep things really positive for me. I honestly never thought I'd get this far, but thanks to them, here we are."

In the first round, Julio Rodriquez from the Seattle Mariners was the first at-bat in the Home Run Derby with 32 home runs to defeat Corey Seager from the Texas Rangers, who finished with 24 home runs.

The New York Mets Pete Alonso had 20 home runs to beat the Atlanta Braves Ronald Acuna Jr. with 19 home runs, and Juan Soto from the Washington National hit 20 home runs to beat Jose Ramirez from the Cleveland Guardians.

The buzz of the day in the first round was when the St.Louis Cardinals Albert Pujols and the Philadelphia Phillies Kyle Schwarber each had 13 home runs and had to play an extra period to break the tie. Pujols advanced to the second round by hitting 20 home runs, and Schwarber finished with 19 home runs.

Seattle Mariners #44 Julio Rodriquez representing the American League in the T-Mobile Home Run Derby at Dodgers Stadium. Photo by Jerry Kelly/TGSportstv1.

In the second round, Rodriquez came out guns a blazing, smashing 31 home runs to advance to the finals after beating Alonso, who had 22 home runs.

Soto had to reach deep down within himself to help outlast Pujols with 15 home runs by hitting 16 home runs to advance to the


The Finals came down to two of the young superstars of MLB, with Soto shinning in the spot-light, hitting 19 home runs to beat Rodriquez with 18 home runs to take home the trophy.

Players from both teams came out of the dugouts to pay tribute to one of the greatest players who ever played this game we call baseball.

"It was pretty awesome," Pujols said. "I want to thank all my peers. … It's pretty awesome to see this young generation and all the talent. I want to thank the fans here, Dodger fans, good seeing all of you. Thank you for your support."

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