Matthew Stafford and Rams look focused and sharp at training camp

Los Angeles Rams #9 Matthew Stafford (QB) during a scrimmage looking downfield for an open receiver. Photo by Jerry Kelly/TGSportstv1.

7/27/22 IRVINE, CA - The Super Bowl Champions Los Angeles Rams were back at it again with another great day at training camp, focus, and putting in hard work on Wednesday afternoon.

The atmosphere at camp was loose, full of energy and smiles and laughter as the fans had a chance to watch the drills and scrimmages of the offense and defense.

Matthew Stafford looked very sharp, throwing the football to his newly acquired wide receiver Allen Robinson II getting the hang of the offense, running routes, and catching passes.

Los Angeles Rams #1 Allen Robinson II (WR) catching a pass on the sideline during their scrimmage against #22 David Long Jr (DB). Photo by Jerry Kelly/TGSportstv1.

Head Coach Sean McVay was pleased with how Robinson II was coming along and looking at the different ways he could help the Rams on offense.

"Oh, I think it is a great time to be able to do that because what a better time to have no real consequences if you're saying, 'Okay, maybe that wasn't.' Or if you find something out that you really like, and where does he like certain throws based on some of those isolation routes that we might activate with him. I think that's the best part. I don't get too upset about mistakes because these are the times to really test some of our rules. And then we learn as coaches as well out here. I think the stuff that our defense is presenting to our offense, there's a positive push where guys are being able to learn and you don't want to disrupt the integrity of what we're trying to get done on both sides. But this is the time to be able to do that and I love that."

Super Bowl MVP Cooper Kupp was in great shape and looked sharp as ever in camp and helped the younger receiving corp during their passing drills.

Los Angeles Rams #99 Aaron Donald (DL), #91 Greg Gaines (DL), and #94 A'Shawn Robinson having some fun showing off their quarterbacking skills. Photo by Jerry Kelly/TGSportstv1.

Defensive linemen Aaron Donald, Greg Gains, and A'Shawn Robinson, on the other end of the field, were having fun and laughing, showing off their quarterback and catching skills.

Outside Linebacker Leonard Floyd was delighted to have All-Pro linebacker Bobby Wagner from the Seattle Seahawks on the team and had great praises about his work ethic and what he brings to the Rams' defense.

"It's been great. The biggest difference I see is he is very efficient in his movement. He takes a few steps and he's making the play. He's very savvy. He's a great addition for our defense."

After practice, I had a chance to ask Robinson II about what were the main deciding factors that made him sign with the Rams, and this is what he said.

"I think I've spoken about those, but again, Super Bowl champions, playing with [QB] Matthew Stafford, playing for [Head] Coach [Sean] McVay, having guys like [WR] Cooper Kupp, [DT] Aaron Donald [DB] Jalen Ramsey, [OLB] Leonard Floyd, [LB] Bobby Wagner across the board. You can see this is a top-class organization. Guys that I had talked to that had played here and guys that play here, everybody enjoyed it and it seems like a winning culture. Since day one, I stepped foot in here, it's been everything and more. But that's what I had heard and assumed."

The Rams will be in pads on Friday's practice and the coaching staff, and players can't wait till that comes to get ready for full contact. For more photos from the training camp, click on the link below. #larams #nfl #matthewstafford #allenrobinsonII #aarondonald #losangelesrams #ramstrainingcamp #tgsportstv1 #greggaines #ashawnrobinson