San Francisco 49ers Training Camp Review

San Francisco 49ers #5 Trey Lance (QB) throwing the football during their training camp passing drills at their practice field next to Levi Stadium. Photo by Jerry Kelly/TGSportstv1.

8/2/22 SANTA CLARA, CA - The San Francisco 49ers had a great practice on their practice field next to Levi Stadium. And the big news of the day was Deebo Samuel with a new contract extension.

Kyle Shanahan and his coaching staff knew this year's training camp would be intense, with Trey Lance battling Jimmy Garoppolo for the starting quarterback position for the 49ers

Samuel didn't let the contract negotiation of his contract affect his work ethic during training camp and looked in great shape.

The NFC West this season is going to be really tough on all the teams in its conference, and Samuel shared his thoughts with me on why the NFC West is so tough to play in and does he feel that an NFC West Team will be in the Super Bowl in 2023 on video.

Training camps also give rookies a chance to see what the life of being a pro football player is like, and Drake Jackson (DL) from USC shared his thoughts on the adjustments coming from college into the pros.

In the NFL, special teams are so important for all teams to have great success during the season, and the 49ers' special teams coordinator Brian Schneider spoke about players who have caught his attention.

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