Scrimmages between the Rams' offense and defense intense during training camp

The Los Angeles Rams #9 Matthew Stafford (QB) throwing the football during the 7-on-7 drills during training camp. Photo by William Johnson/TGSportstv1.

8/4/22 IRVINE, CA - You could tell it was getting close to preseason, as the competition during the Rams training camp between the offense and defense was very intense.

The scrimmages between the offense and defense going up and down the field had the fans buzzing during practice.

The clashing of the lite thumping of pads by the defense whenever a receiver caught a football let the receiving corp know they were bringing it.

Los Angeles Rams #36 Grant Haley (CB) battling #84 Landen Akers (WR) for the football during training camp. Photo by William Johnson/TGSportstv1.

The biggest concern for Rams head coach Sean McVay was the elbow pain that his starting quarterback Matthew Stafford, was having during training camp.

"It's a little bit abnormal for a quarterback," McVay said Thursday. "Some of this stuff is things that MLB pitchers deal with, so it is something that we're kind of learning about on the fly with his feedback."

Stafford, during the offseason, had an unspecified injection into his elbow because of the pain. During the camp, he only threw the football during 7-on-7 setups and looked comfortable with his passes.

Los Angeles Rams #99 Aaron Donald (DL) trying to be blocked by #30 Raymond Calais (RB) for getting to Bryce Perkins during training camp. Photo by William Johnson/TGSportstv1.

The other two Rams quarterbacks Bryce Perkins, and John Wolford, looked good throwing the football in the scrimmages against the defense.

Allen Robinson II at wide receiver continues to impress the coaching staff, making great catches against the defense as they marched up and down the field.

Aaron Donald is unstoppable during the regular season and training camp, as the Rams running back Raymond Calais found out trying to block him while he was putting pressure on Bryce Perkins.

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