Matthew Stafford looks sharp throwing the football at training camp

Los Angeles Rams #9 Matthew Stafford looked razor sharp throwing the football during 7-on-7 drills during training camp. Photo by Daynesha Lewis/TGSportstv1.

8/6/22 IRVINE, CA - There were concerns about Matthew Stafford throwing the football with an elbow issue on his throwing arm during training camp for several days.

He put that concern to rest during the 7-on-7 drills and looked razor sharp with his passes. His throws were tight spirals and right on the money.

At this point, no one has any idea what is going on with his elbow, and if it was bothering him, it didn't show by the way he was throwing the football, and Rams head coach Sean McVay was pleased from what he saw.

"I don't know that actually, so you'd have to ask him, but I do know this, the way that he looked today, I don't think you would know that anything was going on, and he felt good. So, I know that I'm going to sleep better tonight."

Los Angeles Rams #89 Tyler Higbee (TE) made a great catch on the sideline against #43 Russ Yeast (S) during training camp. Photo by Daynesha Lewis/TGSportstv1.

Tyler Higbee had some great catches along with Allen Robinson II, and Copper Cupp was making the secondary look pretty bad with their tight coverage.

Coach McVay was glad to see Jalen Ramsey was back in pads after dealing with some pain soreness in his shoulder looked good on coverages moving around despite wearing much bigger shoulder pads during practice.

"He's feeling really good. It's as much as anything, just kind of getting him back out on the field in a smart way, feeling those pads. I think he was a little irritated that his shoulder pads were a little bit bigger than what he'd like, but he still found a way to make it look really good, and thought his movement was good. We'll continue to see his workload increase as we get closer to the season.

The Rams have a few more days of training camp left, next week on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday the last day before their preseason game against the Los Angeles Chargers. For more photos from this training camp click on the link below. #nfl #nfcwest #larams #matthewstafford #tylerhigbee #losangelesrams #ramsfootball #tgsportstv1