Rams Tip-Off Season Opener With Community Events

The Rams' Jared Goff's Apparel Company JG16 donated 1,000 book backpacks to Frank D. Elementary School. Photo by Jerry Kelly/T.G.Sportstv1.

9/11/20 INGLEWOOD, CA - The Los Angeles Rams were setting the tone earlier in the week for the upcoming football season opener against the Dallas Cowboys at So-Fi Stadium. The Rams tip-off the season by having some amazing, and outstanding community events.

The first event was the Rams' quarterback Jared Goff's Apparel Company, JG16 donating book backpacks for 1,000 students in the city of Inglewood Unified School District held at Frank D. Elementary School.

The staff at Frank D. Elementary and the Inglewood Unified School District were having fun at the event. The smiles of the students, the gratefulness from the parents, and the principal, Mrs. Feld, her first year had the biggest smile of all.

"I'm truly grateful to the Los Angeles Rams, for their support to our school and the other schools in the Inglewood Unified School District said, Mrs. Feld."

Mayor Butts from the City of Inglewood supporting the Rams and L.A. Regional Food Bank food giveaway at So-Fi Stadium. Photo by Jerry Kelly/T.G.Sportstv1.

The second event, the Rams and the L.A. Regional Food Bank Mobile Food Giveaway, was held at So-Fi Stadium. The food giveaway provided 70 pounds of food for a family of four who could eat for a week, as the volunteers and Rams' office staff load the food into vehicles.

The City of Inglewood's Mayor Butts was at the event supporting the staff from the Rams and the L.A. Regional Food Bank by helping load food into cars, trucks, and mini-vans wearing his blue and gold Rams jersey.

The Food Bank is a non-profit organization that was founded back in the early 70s, in the city of Pasadena, has been providing meals for families since then.

"This is awesome what the Rams and the Food Bank are doing, Mayor Butts said." Having a mobile food giveaway right here at So-Fi Stadium, providing food for thousands of families."

The Rams Community Events Director Jonathan Franklin carrying a box of food. Photo by Jerry Kelly/T.G.Sportstv1.

One of the Rams Community Events Director, Jonathan Franklin, a graduate from UCLA and Dorsey High School, shared with me about the food bank giveaway and what it meant to him.

"This event today at So-Fi Stadium, being part of the Rams, I am truly blessed to be part of this food giveaway, Franklin said." We are doing something that is helping hundreds of people to be able to feed their families is a great feeling."

"Our staff, L.A. Regional Food Bank Staff, our cheerleaders, and our Rams' Mascot Rampage will be here until everyone who came here will leave with food to take home to their family."

The "City of Champions" T-Shirt Giveway. Photo by Jerry Kelly/T.G.Sportstv1.

The final event leading up to the Los Angeles Rams and the Dallas Cowboys Season Opener was the "City of Champions" T-Shirt Giveaway for Inglewood Unified Schools co-design by a former Inglewood School District graduate Zayd Morrison.

The (UNIFY) Financial Credit Union and the Rams will be giving 13,000 branded t-shirts to the Inglewood Unified School Child Development Center, District Office, teachers, faculty, and students. For more photos from all three events, click on any of the links below. The photo galleries from all three events are by Jerry Kelly/T.G.Sportstv1. #nfl #larams #mayorbutts #cityofinglewood #ramscheerleaders #rampage #jaredgoff #jg16 #football #johnathanfranklin #losangelesraams #lafoodbank #tgsportstv1