Rams tuning up for season home opener against the Bears

Los Angeles Rams defensive coordinator Raheem Morris. Photo by Jerry Kelly/T.G.Sportstv1.

9/2/21 THOUSAND OAKS, CA - After three preseason games under their belt the Rams despite losing all three preseason games, the offense and defense have played solid. The Rams' defense in all three-game, kept the Rams in games down the stretch.

The flip side to that is that the Rams' offense has kept them in all three preseason games with some impressive drives late in the game against the Chargers, Raiders, and the Broncos.

The Rams head coach Sean McVay and his coaching staff got some good looks at players on offense and defense trying to secure a roster spot.

Rams defensive coordinator Raheem Morris shared his thoughts about preparation for the upcoming season and games on Sundays.

"I enjoy the preparation so much. I enjoy the process. I think that's the thing that keeps you in it no matter what's going on. I think if you can enjoy those moments, the process, the preparation, the planning, that all goes into what's going to happen. And then the games are so much fun. You can't wait to go out there and see those games and see these guys play, to get them out there. The meeting rooms are all great. The practice field, the intensity, is all wonderful, but when you get to that stadium on Sundays, it's the best feeling in the world. And I can't wait for that to start."

Los Angeles Rams #16 (QB) warming up throwing the football in practice. Jerry Kelly/T.G.Sportstv1.

Bryce Perkins, this preseason has been impressive on running the Rams offense, and each game has gotten better and is very thankful that his offensive line has done a great job of protecting him.

"Having the opportunity this season to get some quality time on the field has been very helpful to me, Perkins said." Last season I did not get the chance to practice much, but to get the reps this year and to play a whole game in preseason help me." The game is becoming a little slower for me now, and doing a better job on reads, better command of running the plays, and working hard every day."

"The guys on the O-line have done a great job on keeping me on my feet and giving me time to look down-field for open receivers, and can come over to my mom's house for Thanksgiving Dinner, Christmas Dinner, or anywhere they want to eat."

The Rams offensive coordinator Kevin O'Connell has been please about the way Perkins has been playing this preseason.

"That was a lot of fun for me from start to finish. We obviously had a little limited offseason last year, no offseason leading into training camp. It was really no exposure to him other than some Zoom meetings before last year's training camp started. And then we start going to work with (QB) Bryce (Perkins), and I set out on a plan that would culminate with him playing in these preseason games at a really high level, and I cannot tell you how proud I am of him for the work he put in behind the scenes to be prepared to play. Not always the most easiest of circumstances in those games, as you guys well know, but for him to lead that group, improve every single time he went out there, give us chances – I know we didn't come away with any victories – but for that group, he was leading out there and to put us in position to try to win football games, I was really proud of Bryce. And it just goes to show, it's really important around here. We present a plan for guys to get better and improve every single day and they trust the process and they focus on that process and the result will come and that's exactly what he did. And I think it's a huge thing for our organization, that a guy that maybe the cards were stacked against him a little bit, ends up making our roster and I know every single guy in that locker room is really excited and proud to be Bryce's teammate."

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